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Learning about France

I’m not sure exactly when it was but at some stage not that long ago, J saw the Eiffel Tower on TV and became fascinated with it. Since then we’ve constructed an Eiffel Tower model and learnt a little about France.


We found a cheap cardboard model just by coincidence and J was excited to get started on it. It was a bit fiddly so it was J’s job to look at the instructions and find me all the bits. I then pressed them together. We borrowed some books from the library and discovered that the tower is made from iron, so we looked that element up in ‘The Elements’ by Theodore Gray. I didn’t know why the Eiffel Tower was built so it was very interesting learning about that. We read about France’s language, currency, and other things France is famous for.


We found the location of France in our Atlas, identified the countries that border it, and looked at the different country flags (I have a set of flags that I printed out and laminated quite a while ago. J likes to use them with some place card holders that we bought to use at our wedding). We talked about the designs and colours on the flags and what it would be like to be able to simply drive to another country (instead of flying over an ocean). We looked at our world globe and noted that France is in the northern hemisphere and we’re in the southern hemisphere and what that means in terms of the seasons. We looked at a world clock to see what time it was in Paris.

So many different things to learn about! Another reason I love homeschooling – you can go wherever your interest takes you!


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