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Re-growing beetroot

Most mornings the kids and I make some fresh juice. J helps to chop up the fruit and veggies and T puts all the bits and pieces in the juicer (and sometimes has a go at chopping with assistance). J has her own special knife that she uses – it’s a proper very sharp knife and it has an orange handle (because that’s her favourite colour). She feels such a sense of pride being able to help in a meaningful way.


We put a variety of things into our juice and lately we’ve been using the baby beetroots from our veggie patch. But our veggie patch isn’t very big so we needed to buy a few. Just on a whim I thought I’d see if the tops would re-grow so we put them into a saucer of water and waited. And sure enough they began to sprout in a couple of days!

Once the tops were big enough we planted them in the garden and so far so good! It will be interesting to see how they grow. We’ve also got some carrot tops growing in the saucer – I didn’t think they would grow because they’re the ones that you buy in bags with no leaves on them at all but leaves have appeared, although they are much slower to grow than the beetroots.

This was a fun experiment in re-growing food. We’ll have to see what else we can grow!!


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