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A look around our homeschool area

We’re lucky enough this move to have an area solely dedicated to our homeschool. Our previous house was quite small and J was using the dinning table. I love how the main desk (taken over by J’s Christmas lego) is in front of a large window that looks out to the backyard. And T has his own small desk that he sits at often and does some drawing, stickers, or stamps while I’m doing some housework. He also sometimes joins J at the big desk.


The trolley is full of art supplies – on the top shelf are the things used most often (textas, pencils, paints and brushes, scissors, and stamps); the middle shelf has other mediums including oil and chalk pastels, watercolour paints and pencils, and ink pads; and the bottom shelf houses sticker books and rubber stamps.


The coloured tubs contain numeracy and literacy materials as well as our wooden blocks, flash cards, and other resources that I’ve printed and laminated. On top of those shelves are J’s nature collections. There is a box of different rocks from around Australia, some shells, and things J has brought home plus a magnifying glass to investigate further.


The bookshelf contains our beautiful puzzles plus all our wonderful books. J and T both have many many books on the shelves in their rooms as well (so I’d say we own quite a few books)!


The kids play with the wooden food and play kitchen so much. It’s one of my favourite things.


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